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Extraction Technique: Straight to E

A Novel Pill Extraction Technique

by Videoeditor, HTML by Rhodium

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- Summary -

SWIVE is back with a new twist for producing clean pseudo HCl in high yields from an ever changing array of pills. It's not only water less like Straight to B, its simpler with no A/B at all. Its Straight to E or straight to the extraction. It is a simple extraction method that will bypass most of today’s modern adulterants and will return a very high yield of clean pseudo HCl. This can then be recrystallized or turned into free base to produce a pristine product. This method was written to be easily scalable and is very over the counter. Average yields have been 80% to 90% of clean pseudo HCl.

- Definitions -

In this write up SWIVE will use the phrase "for every box of pills used" This stands for every box of 48 x 60mg, or 96 x 30mg, or 20 x 120mg or 10 x 240mg.

Text appearing in red denotes actions that should bee followed exactly for best results.

Text appearing in green denotes FAQ's (frequently asked questions).

- Materials -

- Solvents -

- Drying Aids -

- Abstract of Procedure -

- Standard Procedure -

01) For every box of pills used: combine the following solvents and drying materials in a clean beaker and in the following order:

02) Stir with a glass rod for a few minutes, then let settle for 10 minutes. Depending on how much water was in the isopropyl alcohol to start with the mixture will settle into 2 layers or 1 layer with damp solids at the bottom.

Why not use pre dried solvents to begin with? - that is perfectly ok if you have them, but I have noticed that adding the isopropyl and naptha together almost always releases some water no matter how dry they were ahead of time so I would not skip this step.

03) Filter this into the elemeyer flask leaving any solids or bottom liquid layer behind and then transfer this solution into the second clean beaker.

04) Place whole pills in to the third clean beaker.

Why whole pills? Don’t I need to grind them up first? - no we are trying to keep loss to a minimum and grinding is not necessary as the isopropyl / naptha mixture will dissolve them very well.

05) Pour 1/3 solvent mixture over pills.

06) Place the beaker on the hotplate and bring to a boil using medium hi heat. Use the small fan to keep vapors from accumulating. Stir occasionally with a glass rod until pills have dissolved into powder. Let boil for 1-2 minutes.

07) Place a funnel with filter paper in to the elemeyer flask. Filter the solvent mixture while hot leaving as much of the solids in the beaker as possible.

08) Return any solids to the beaker and repeat steps 5 through 7 two times combining the extractions in to the elemeyer flask.

09) For every box of pills used add to the combined extractions:

- 50ml Xylene

10) Transfer the extraction mixture back to the empty solvent beaker and place the beaker on the hotplate. Bring to a boil using the small fan to keep vapors from accumulating. Boil until the solution reaches 105°C.

11) Using a clean funnel and filter paper filter off the pseudo HCl while the solution is hot.

12) Rinse the pseudo HCl with a generous amount of MEK while in the funnel.

13) Remove filter and filter cake from funnel and allow to dry completely. (no more MEK smell)

14) Weight and enjoy, yield should be between 80% to 90%


How to Perform the "Straight to E" Extraction

Commentary by Geezmeister

There is a way to do this technique. Do it Exactly The Way It Is Written.

Do this one time just like it is written.

This technique, done by the book ONE TIME will answer every question you have about it. If you don't have a thermometer go buy one. Do it just like DA MAN says.

Geezmeister went out and bought four boxes of white sixties. He obediently followed the procedure, since VE would not answer any of his silly little questions, being smartassed enough to know the procedure would answer them for him.

First time, less than two hours start to finish...well, less the absolute drying time for all the MEK to evaporate off.

Yield: 98.3% Go figure. Total of 9.6 grams of fine white pseudo HCl crystals just like the ones Geez has been harvesting from the xylene clean pseudo precipitation technique. Mind you, I haven't reacted these yet. I have not recrystalized these yet. I am as dubious as I can be because frankly, this is too good to be true, and you probably know my attitude about things that are too good to be true. Most of them are.

I poured the greenish-yellowish rinse MEK into the jar with the naptha/xylene and it looks just like the solvents look after I do xylene, naptha, MEK and acetone boils before extracting. And I already have that pseudo HCl in the filter drying. It Looks Fine.

My mind tells me that VideoEditor has done it again. He has combined the weaknesses of a couple of solvents with the strength of another, anticipated the timing and use, and combined several different concepts in ways they have not been combined before. The use of naptha as a gakk solvent during the extraction of the pseudo HCl by the IPA alcohol is a stroke of genius I would never have struck upon. The added benefit of using the naptha to drive out the remnants of moisture from the IPA is brilliant. The yield leaves me with only one thought, and that is why the hell I let him figure this out. Man, I wish I could have claimed I thought this one up.

VideoEditor deserves the Nobel Prize in foilant foiling and is hereby nominated for the position of Professor Emeritus and Department Chairman, College of Extractomania, Hive University.