Iodine from Iodine Tincture

by Seelight
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  • 5% Tincture: 5% I2, 5% KI, IPA, H2O
  • 97% H2SO4 or whatever you have
  • Bleach (unscented)
  • Gravity filtration, a buttload of coffe filters
  • 2L pyrex or glass bowl
  • 500 ml mason jar


  1. 4 X 25ml (100ml total) of 5% tincture was added to the mason jar. 100 ml of dH2O was added to the tincture. If your anal like I am you can use this water to wash out the remaining tincture in the bottles.
  2. To the tincture/H2O mix there was added SLOWLY 5 ml of 97% H2SO4 with stirring. If you dont have 97 just convert the volume added based on the percentage you do have. Fumes were emitted and the solution heated slightly. Let cool back to room temp. The acid functions to convert KI into HI facilitating the oxidation of iodide to iodine.
  3. Fill the 2L pyrex or glass bowl with 1L of dH2O, set aside.
  4. Add slowly and with good stirring 12 ml of bleach to the tincture/dH2O. Use your good observation skills at this point. You are waiting to see a colour change of the solution from a deep red to a even more deep red/black colour and for the emergence of I2 precipitate. When I2 precipitates, some of it rises to the surface and gives a noticeable "metallic" appearance to the surface.
  5. Add another 12 ml of bleach like you did before all the while, looking for signs of precipitation. ONce you see those signs, IMMEDIATELY (oh, the drama) dump the tincture/dH2O/I2 into that 1L of dH2O you set aside.
  6. Sit back and watch the I2 completely fall out of solution. Let it sit for 20 min. Feel free examine it an ponder about the wonders of the world.
  7. Set up gravity filtration with 2 coffee filters. Filter out the I2. Rinse the bowl with dH2O, add rinse to I2 in filter. Rinse I2 with 500 ml dH2O. This gets rid of any salts. Try to coax the I2 to the center of the filter.
  8. Time to dry out the I2. Put some gloves on (if you haven't already) and gather the edges of the filter and twist them down to wring out the moisture. Keep adding fresh filters on the outside and keep wringing until no more moisture surfaces to the new filters.
  9. Take that wad and squish the hell out of it on a hard surface. Unwrap the wad and transfer I2 to a container. Dessicate under vaccumm. Or just put the container in a bigger one with drying agent and seal shut. Store out of light.
  10. Seelight got 8.2 g of I2 out of 100 ml of 5% tincture. From what info has been gathered on de HIVE, this seem suitable for I2/RP of pseudo.

This protocol was adapted from CURBSHOT (many thanx). oh BTW, I2 from I2 stained filters penetrate plastic bags so wrap it up good prior to chucking it.